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We offer workstations manufactured by brand leading in this market like Compaq, HCL, Lenovo (IBM), LG and Wipro.

We also Supply and integrate systems as per customer's requirement. The systems are integrated using the best of the products manufactured by Intel, AMD, Asus, Creative, Transcend, LG, Logitech, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Microsoft, TVSE and Zebronics.

Utmost care is taken while integrating systems and they are also tested for delivering high quality performance to excel with all other competitive brands.
Now a days' most of the corporate is fear about their data security, spread of virus and many such eventuality which normally occurs during day to day operation.

To avoid all those problems, we recommend various type of Servers i.e data servers, mail servers etc to our customs, which help them to avoid any lost of data etc..

We offer Servers of various make like HP, Compaq and IBM other than assembled Servers. Our most preferred and saleable servers are IBM which has variety of ranging for Small enterprises to big corporate.
In today's changing trend and where computing and easy access it the Internet is required while you are at home, office or when you are on the move. Ease you with this kind of situations, we have a wide range of notebooks and tablet PC's from Compaq, HP and Lenovo (IBM).

We make sure that our Customers are the proud owners of Powerful and versatile notebook computers that satisfy all their mobile needs.
With wide range of Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet Printers, Multi Function Devices, Laser Jet Printers and Plotters available today we choose from any one of the above for our printing needs.

We supply printers that are more efficient, economical and highly productive. Canon, HP and T.V.S & Samsung are the premium partners for our desktop printing solutions.
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
In present Indian Scenario continuous supply of power is absolutely essential for every business to thrive and any irregularity in power supply can result in loss of Data, Hardware Failures, Disk Crashes and Files Corruption etc.

The fallout of this can be extreme, in terms of productivity and profitability of your business or in terms of high maintenance costs. A good UPS system ensures that you get safe, managed and continuous power supply. Thus, increasing the life of your computer and enabling you to carry on work without worrying about the next power failure.

To ensure a good directly by the manufacturer during the warranty period the customer can be assured that he will get the value for the money he has invested in the power conditioning system.
Consumables & Peripherals
After buying reliable computer, hardware equipment like printers, Scanners or a digital camera we should also ensure that we are using genuine consumables or accessories for them.

Consumables include ink cartridges, toner cartridges, Floppy Disks, CD / DVD Media, Photo quality papers, Dot Matrix printer cartridges are readily available with as and will be delivered on site request. The consumables are sourced from the original vendor like HP, Canon, Sony, Samsung and TVSE or its authorized dealers.

Peripherals like Power Adapters, TV-Tuner cards, Video-capturing cards, and Studio quality Audio cards, Tape Drives, Blue tooth Adapters, Memory Card readers, Digital cameras, Web Cameras, Scanners, CCD-Scanners, Bar-code readers, Touch screen Monitors, External Hard Drives are available with us.

With much more capabilities in computing and new innovations in this field of Information Technology we are constantly adapting to the changing trends.
System & Application Software
Apart from hardware related supply we also offer software of various developers as per our client needs. We do/arrange/ custom built software for billing, accounting, inventory and other software for various type of industry.

We also sale Operating systems, Anti Virus, Audio and Video Editing software supplied by leading brands like Adobe, Cowon, Microsoft, Pinnacle, Red Hat, Sun, Symantec, and Tally at an very reasonable rate.
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